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Compressive Strength 80 kg/cm2
Smooth finish, Uniform size and shape, lighter in weight
Water absorption is less than that of conventional bricks.
Compact construction and consistent quality.
Available through out the year. Consistent supply.
Good durability, no water seepage, resistant to salinity, termite, fire, alkaline attack and erosion. Around 10% saving in cement, number of bricks and sand due to uniform and perfect size of bricks.
Low permeability and better workability.
Exposed work can be done due to smooth finish and no weather effect.
Economical and cost effective
Above al an eco friendly technology. Environmentally sound and saves precious soil and coal, Uniformity in size, good quality, consistent supply and cost effectiveness will make you use FLYASH BRICKS always.
Totally engineering environmental product. No any chemically hazardous material used in manufacturing.
1 Manufacturing Process Machine moulding and water curing in open area Hand moulding and air drying & burning
2 Raw material Flyash, Lime, Zypsum, Sand Clay
3 Colour Light Grey, Red Red
4 Size Uniform size with sharp right angle, edges 230 x 110 x 75 mm Un uniform in size and shape
5 Weight 2.75 kg./no. 3 kg./no
6 Compressive strength 50 to 70 kg/cm2 30 to 35 kg /cm2
7 Dry density 1450 kg/m3 1800 kg/m3
8 Breakage Less than 1% More than 6%
9 Water absorption Less than clay bricks Higher
10 Nos.of bricks require for masonary work of one Cu.Mtr. 440 nos 475 nos
11 Cement mortar require for plasteras well as masonary work 5 to 7 % less because of uniform size and shape of bricks More because of un uniform size & shape of bricks
12 Efflorescence Slight Moderate
13 Resistance to salinity Good Poor
14 Water seepage Almost nill Moderate
15 Erosion property Nil Erosion often seen at plinth lavel
16 Fire rasistance Better Good
17 Resistance to termite Good Poor

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